Our Team

Jody Alexander

Teacher & Trainer

Jody is a registered yoga teacher and body work professional, including Zero Balancing, massage therapy, and trauma informed practices. She has a long history of supporting individuals with autism through her volunteer service and her employment.

She has a lifetime of personal and professional experience with developmentally disabled people. From growing up with a sibling with a disability to working among diverse populations throughout her adulthood and participating in activities like meditation and yoga, Jody’s experiences have shaped her into a patient and compassionate person. She is full of creativity and playfulness, and is committed to "thinking outside the box."

Cooking, reading, hiking, and other outdoor activities are lifelong hobbies of Jody.

Kelly Petrie

Teacher & Trainer

Kelly is a registered yoga teacher & independent contemplative educator dedicated to cultivating a sense of wellbeing, impassioned learning, and interconnectivity through innovative programs that employ contemplative pedagogies and creative modalities for optimal human flourishing.

Kelly spent many years supporting students with autism in a public school setting, has trained other educators, and engaged in autism research studying implicit intelligence. Her involvement in YogAutism stems from a deep passion for people who experience autism.

She holds a Master's degree in Contemplative Education from Naropa University. In her free time, she enjoys travel, outdoor activities, reading, and playing board games with family & friends.