Advisory Council

YogAutism graciously receives guidance from the following highly skilled & dedicated individuals:

Scott Anderson

Founder, YogAutism, Inc.

Scott is the founder of YogAutism™ and is a long-time Yogi and yoga instructor, past owner/founder of Mound Street Yoga studio, and current Kinesiology PhD student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. His research interests include yoga interventions for those on the autism spectrum.

Jan Hummer

Founder, Open Minds, Inc.

Jan holds a Master's degree in Contemplative Education from Naropa University. She is the Co-Founder/Director of Open Minds, Inc., a non-profit contemplative justice education program serving counties in western and mid Maryland, where she lives. Jan volunteers for different organizations focusing on social change and has a long history of working with students with disabilities.

Nanette A Negri, PhD

Nan has served as a long time board member and advisor for YogAutism, Inc. She is passionate about supporting individuals with autism and their families since 1972 through her past experiences as a classroom teacher, a signed-speech specialist, a teacher trainer, a parent trainer, an administrator for a state wide system of services in SC, and since earning her Ph.D from UW-Madison, her private consulting practice, Autism Resources Network.

Nan understands the value of yoga and mindfulness through her personal practice. This naturally expanded into her work, where she continually witnesses how important yoga & mindfulness can be for people with autism, their family and friends, and those who support them.

Jess Vargas

Jess has multiple talents and skills, including advising on Autism spectrum and sensory processing information and experiences. Jess is also an active committee member of the Autism Society of South Central WI and has gained immense value from many years of yoga and meditative practices.

Jack Longert

Jack is a legal advocate/counselor and a consultant in the IRIS program, a Medicaid-based program for adults with longterm care needs, including adults with autism.

Jack is dedicated to using his skills to help people in underserved and disadvantaged populations achieve their goals and desires to fully participate in the world around them. His professional career as an attorney has centered around helping and learning from people who have a lot to offer but are not often recognized as such. YogAutism's mission very much fits into his passion to find creative ways to reach these goals. Jack is enthusiastic about offering his skills, while continuing to learn and use that knowledge to "pass it forward."