Our Founder

Scott Anderson


YogAutism, Inc. was founded by yoga teacher Scott Anderson in 2008. A long time yoga practitioner, Scott assembled a set of specific exercises that address the common physiological patterns of individuals with autism which inhibit healthy breathing. When healthy breathing is restored, there is a corresponding reduction in anxiety and increase in the abilities to self-regulate and remain balanced in response to external stimuli. These exercises comprise the 5-part recipe that distinguishes YogAutism's unique approach to yoga.

In 2012, the Center for Healthy Minds, under the direction of Dr. Richard Davidson, partnered with YogAutism to research the effects of its 6-week program. The goal of the research project was to understand more about the biology of the benefits reported by those who have taken part in YogAutism classes. The promising results of this study are currently in press.

YogAutism's founder Scott Anderson is currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the field of Kinesiology. His research interests include yoga interventions for those on the autism spectrum. Scott serves on YogAutism's Advisory Council.