YogAutism™ helps transform high-stress reactions into peaceful responses

YogAutism is a technique that does more than just provide relaxation and calming like a typical yoga session would. It helps connect people to their bodies and their breath resulting in lower stress responses.

Why Yoga for People with Autism?

Yoga has long been known to improve strength, flexibility and breathing in the general population. YogAutism helps connect people to their bodies and their breath and supports sensory integration. This integration is necessary for the regulation of one's nervous system. Because autism often accompanies a different experience to sensory stimuli the body often gets stuck in a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response . "The Recipe" unlocks the body's grip on the muscles that inhibit a full, diaphragmatic breath. This is important because when the body is able to take a full breath the vagus nerve is stimulated and reduces stress by telling the body it's safe and results in a reduction in cortisol levels, which is among the primary expressions of stress.

VIRTUAL BINGO: A Fundraiser for YogAutism

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The YogAutism™ program can result in profound benefits such as:

Greater freedom from physical discomfort

Reduced anxiety and self-soothing activity

Improved regulation

Increased impulse control

Greater balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

Improved sleep and digestion

Improved transitions or changes in routine

Integration for "postural insecurity" which helps with core gravity challenges

Improved mood regulation and stability

Improved ability to focus

Greater sense of ease, comfort and connection with one’s own self

A feeling of acceptance and being respected

Joy in greater access to one's own movement and awareness within your own body

YogAutism is an approved IRIS and CLTS vendor in Wisconsin!

YogAutism has been approved by all 4 IRIS fiscal agencies in Wisconsin and our programs and services may be payable by IRIS . Please contact your IRIS Fiscal Employer Agency for more information.

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