Fall 2021 Virtual Training - 5 Session Series

6:30 PM to 8 PM (CST)

Wednesdays - 10/27; 11/3; 11/10; 11/17 & 11/24/21

Module 1: Understanding Autism

Module 2: Mindfulness Matters

Module 3: The YogAutism Recipe Part 1

Module 4: The YogAutism Recipe Part 2

Module 5: Theory Into Practice

YogAutism™ helps connect people to their bodies and their breath and is centered around a series of 5 yoga-inspired poses. This technique is built on a physiological mechanism that demonstrably reduces cortisol levels, which is among the primary expressions of stress, and supports fuller, diaphragmatic breathing. It also provides a comfortable and safe way to enter the world of physical activity. Read more here as to why YogAutism is different than a regular yoga practice.


Enhancing the lives of people with autism &/or other neuro-physiological differences across the lifespan through yoga-inspired programs & practices.


By appreciating the gifts autistic & neurodiverse people have to offer the world, YogAutism aspires to co-create a peaceful, enriching & empowered sense of well-being. YogAutism techniques are designed to calm the nervous system (and thereby decrease anxiety), assist in self-regulation & instill both confidence & joy. Our unique approach to yoga provides a compassionate refuge for personal growth & self-discovery.

Our core values

Inclusion ~ Diversity ~ Acceptance ~ Love ~ Appreciation ~ Patience ~ Generosity ~ Authenticity ~ Connection ~ Trust ~ Freedom ~ Wisdom ~ Playfulness ~ Joy ~ Compassion

YogAutism is now an approved IRIS Vendor in Wisconsin!

YogAutism has been approved by all 4 IRIS fiscal agencies in Wisconsin and our programs and services may be reimbursable by IRIS . Please contact your IRIS Fiscal Employer Agency for more information.

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