Board of Directors

Carrie Waters Schmidt


Carrie is a Financial Planner and business owner of Equanimity Wealth Planning and Investing in Madison, WI. She is highly organized and goal-oriented with a history of successfully lifting non-profit Boards off the ground and on to being self-sufficient entities.

As a person diagnosed with anxiety, Carrie understands and empathizes with those who share this experience. Carrie believes in the role YogAutism can play in anxiety reduction, among the many other benefits, which can lead to experiencing a higher quality of life which we all deserve.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafts, riding horses, playing with her young daughter, and yoga.

Nan Negri

Vice President

Nan has been passionate about supporting individuals with autism and their families since 1972 through her past experiences as a classroom teacher, a signed-speech specialist, a teacher trainer, a parent trainer, an administrator for a state wide system of services in SC, and since earning her Ph.D from UW-Madison, her private consulting practice, Autism Resources Network.

Nan understands the value of yoga and mindfulness through her personal practice. This naturally expanded into her work, where she continually witnesses how important yoga & mindfulness can be for people with autism, their family and friends, and those who support them.

Diane Sing


Diane is a meditation and yoga practitioner and instructor and is the owner of 8-3-1 Yoga. She is also the founder of Madison Outdoor Yoga and believes yoga should be accessible to all. Specifically, she is passionate about making yoga accessible and available to people of color and those with disabilities.

Anne Daugherty-Leiter


Anne has professional and personal experience supporting people with health care needs, including people living with HIV/AIDS and people on the autism spectrum. She is excited to join the YogAutism board. In her free time, she writes fiction and loves spending time with her family, including her husband, three kids, five cats, and one dog.

Anne is an attorney who has practiced school law, advocating for parents of children with special needs; estate planning and family formation law for LGBTQ families; employment law; assisted reproduction; and international adoption. She currently works as the VP of HR and Legal Operations for Evergreen Healthcare Partners.