YogAutism Facilitator Training

Are you a Yoga Instructor just looking to improve your skillbase and at the same time earn 6 hands-on CEU credits? This training is open to all 200 RYT Certified Yoga Instructors. You are not required to become an Independent Contractor with YogAutism to participate in this training. However,YogAutism has opportunities for qualified Yoga Instructors to join our team as an Independent Contractor. Our client base is growing to help serve the neurodiverse community in the Dane County area using our unique 5-step yoga recipe.  

Are you a Yoga Instructor interested in:


Saturday, January 14, 2023 – 10 AM to 2:30 PM  (Module 1 & 2) Location: Imagine a Child's Capacity, Madison, WI

Saturday, January 28, 2023 – 9 AM – 4 PM (Module 3, 4 & 5)  Location: Maitri Center for Mindful Living; Oregon, WI

The first two modules are presented by Lisa Hoeme, MS, LPC a Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, and Presenter

Training modules 3, 4 & 5 are presented by Kelly Petrie, E-RYT500, YACEP® and owner of Maitri Center for Mindful Living, 120 N. Main St., Oregon, WI.

Training Fee:  $320 (includes all 5 modules)

To register send an email to:


YogAutism Independent Contractor

To become a YogAutism Facilitator, you must first complete all 5 modules of our training program and demonstrate that you meet our competency standards. Facilitators for YogAutism as Independent Contractors are paid $95/per session to provide one to one yoga sessions. Independent Contractors for YogAutism must be able to work at least 1-2 hours per week (more hours may be available) and be able to travel to the client’s home in the Dane County area to provide services, unless another location is agreed upon. Appointments are generally held before or after school hours and/or weekends and are scheduled directly between the client and the Yoga Facilitator.

To register for this training, participants will be required to pay a refundable deposit of $320. After the completion of the training, individuals who sign YogAutism’s Independent Contractor Agreement will be eligible for reimbursement of the $320 deposit. Additionally, Yoga Alliance Members are eligible to receive a total of 6 CEU’s for hands-on training. If CEU’s are requested, a $60 non-refundable fee will be deducted from the initial deposit.

Questions: Contact Barb Waters:; 

or mail to: YogAutism, P.O. Box 258124, Madison, WI 53725

Training Sessions on the 5-part YogAutism Recipe

The training was developed by and trained by industry experts. The autism-experience and mindfulness curriculum were written by autism-experts Nanette Negri, PhD and Lisa Hoeme, MS, LPC, CRC, CYKF. Ms. Negri has supported autistic individuals and their caregivers as a classroom teacher, signed-speech specialist, teacher and parent trainer, and an administrator for a state-wide system of services in SC. She has co-authored two books on autism and currently has a private therapy and consulting practice in Madison, WI. Ms. Hoeme is a Licensed Professional Counselor, consultant and presenter as well as a partner at Imagine a Child's Capacity in Madison, WI. She has a clinical practice and provides training and consultation to schools, community agencies, and families. Our yoga sections are co-presented by  Kelly Petrie, E-RYT500, YACEP® and owner of Maitri Center for Mindful Living, LLC.   

Module 1:  Understanding Autism and the Autism Experience

Module 2:  Mindfulness Matters

Module 3:  Anatomy Overview and The YogAutismTM Recipe Part 1

Module 4:  The YogAutismTM Recipe Part 2

Module 5:  Theory Into Practice 

What you can expect in each module:

Module I: Understanding Autism

In this module, you will learn the history of YogAutism, Inc. (YA) and why it was developed . You will gain an understanding of how autistic brains take in and process information. You will be guided through several simulation exercises so your body and nervous system can experience the world similar to an autistic person. This foundational module is required for all participants interested in learning the YA 5-part recipe.

Module II: Mindfulness Matters

In this module, we define & explore mindfulness from an experiential point of view; its importance in embodied presence, the autonomic nervous system, & co-regulation; and what it means to ‘hold space’ & its relevance to the YA 5-part recipe. You will learn how mindfulness benefits both the facilitator and the student as well as some techniques on how to be more mindful

Module III: The YogAutism 5-Part Recipe Part 1

In this module, we will start with an overview of the anatomy involved in breathing followed by details on the physiology of stress and how each step in "the Recipe" systematically moves the body into a more relaxed and focused state. You will begin to explore the YA 5-part recipe where you will be guided through the first few steps in "the Recipe". & their corresponding adaptations  You will begin a self-conducted YogAutism session so you can feel how "the Recipe" influences your own nervous system. Participants are expected to engage in the physical practices. You will need a yoga mat, 10-foot yoga belt, and massage lotion/oil for this module.

Module IV: The YogAutism 5-Part Recipe Part 2

In this module, we continue our exploration of the YA 5-part recipe & adaptions while integrating knowledge & skills learned from all previous modules. You will finish the self-conducted YogAutismTM session and rate its impact on your nervous system. Participants are expected to engage in the physical practices. You will need a yoga mat, 10-foot yoga belt, and massage lotion/oil for this module.

Module V: Theory Into Practice

In this final module we review the YA 5-part recipe & adaptions from start to finish, this time practicing on a partner. All participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. 

Here's what one of our training participants told us: 

"I struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. My brain is wired for flight and I am on high alert all the time. I participated in the YogAutism 5 part recipe and was blown away by the results. I took deeper, more full breaths than I’ve ever remembered being able to do (I felt parts of my lungs that I didn’t know existed!) and had an amazing experience with a psoas release that brought up so many different feels that I didn’t know I had been harboring. I left the session in the clouds and looking to relive the experience again. It was almost addicting how beautiful the after effects were. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone with similar issues to consider going through a YogAutism session; whether you’re neuro-diverse or not! ” 

YogAutism Parent/Caregiver/Teacher Training

Designed for parents, caregivers, and therapists who wish to learn how to facilitate the YogAutismTM Recipe.  This training will give you a clear understanding of the perspectives & approaches that make the 5-part recipe a beneficial program for people with autism or other neurophysiological differences. 

We're busy planning our next training sessions

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