NEW 4-part Virtual Training

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Are you a parent, caregiver or therapist who wishes to share one-on-one time with your autistic loved one through the 5-part YogAutism recipe? Or perhaps you wish to volunteer in a future in-person group class?

This 4-part sequential training is for you! Presented live through Zoom, each 90-minute interactive module will give you a clear understanding of the perspectives & approaches that make the 5-part recipe a beneficial program for people with autism or other neurophysiological differences.

· Module I: Understanding Autism

· Module II: Mindfulness Matters

· Module III: The YogAutism Recipe

· Module IV: Putting it All Together

What you will need:

· Computer/device with camera & audio capability and Zoom access

· 10-foot D-ring yoga belt (Must be extra-long length of 10 feet - available for purchase on Amazon.

· Unscented or mildly scented lotion or massage oil

· Yoga mat

· Golf ball or tennis ball

· Pillow, cushion, and/or folded blanket

· Sturdy chair

· A partner (with or without autism) for Module 4

What you can expect in each module:

Module I: Understanding Autism

Prerequisite: None

In this module, you will learn the history of YogAutism, Inc. (YA) and why it was developed including our worldview of people with autism; you will hear the perspectives of people who live with the experience of autism; you will gain understanding about how autistic brains take in and process information; and you will engage in dialogue with other participants about your own experiences & beliefs around autism. This foundational module is required for all participants interested in learning the YA 5-part recipe.

Module II: Mindfulness Matters

Prerequisite Module I

In this module, we define & explore mindfulness from an experiential point of view; its importance in embodied presence, the autonomic nervous system, & co-regulation; and what it means to ‘hold space’ & its relevance to the YA 5-part recipe. You will also learn what healthy breathing looks like from an anatomical perspective, as well as an experiential perspective.

Module III: The YogAutism 5-Part Recipe

Prerequisite Module I & II

In this module, you will learn the basic YA 5-part recipe through theory and practice. Participants are expected to engage in the physical practices. You will need a yoga mat, 10-foot yoga belt, and massage lotion/oil for this module.

Module IV: Putting It All Together

Prerequisite Module I, II & III

In this module, we will continue our exploration of the YA 5-part recipe & adaptions to the different components while integrating knowledge & skills learned from all previous modules; you will practice the recipe on your partner while receiving guidance; and you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Dates and Times of next session: TBD

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Here's what one of our training participants told us:

"I struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. My brain is wired for flight and I am on high alert all the time. I participated in the YogAutism 5 part recipe and was blown away by the results. I took deeper, more full breaths than I’ve ever remembered being able to do (I felt parts of my lungs that I didn’t know existed!) and had an amazing experience with a psoas release that brought up so many different feels that I didn’t know I had been harboring. I left the session in the clouds and looking to relive the experience again. It was almost addicting how beautiful the after effects were. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone with similar issues to consider going through a YogAutism session. Whether you’re neuro-diverse or not! ”