One-to-One Sessions

YogAutism is now an approved IRIS Vendor in Wisconsin!

YogAutism has been approved by all 4 IRIS fiscal agencies in Wisconsin and our programs and services may be reimbursable by IRIS . Please contact your IRIS Fiscal Employer Agency for more information.

Are you or a loved one looking for someone to help administer the YogAutism recipe in person?

Our trained professionals are here to help! All facilitators have extensive training in yoga practices and have long histories of supporting individuals with autism and/or other neurophysiological differences. Each are vetted to ensure sensitivity, loving kindness, and above all else, ability to provide a truly beneficial experience.

What to expect:

The primary focus of each session is the YogAutism™ "5 part recipe". Typical sessions are hands-on but touch-free modifications are always available.

  • Grounding Typically done as a foot massage by oneself or by the facilitator, with or without supportive materials (e.g. tennis balls, golf balls, massage tools).

  • Psoas wake-up Waking up this muscle allows people to achieve deeper breathing, thus better body modulation and regulation/relaxation.

  • Supine twist Helps quiet the nervous system.

  • Shoulder reset Helps open the chest for deeper breathing.

  • Facilitated breathing Support by another or through exercises to help teach and practice breathing that helps regulate the sensory system and establish calm in the body

The practice sequence can, and will be, modified and adapted for the student's needs on any given day. The facilitator will arrive at your home, or other agreed upon location, and will perform a 1:1 YogAutism™ session. Support people are encouraged to participate so they can perform the recipe between sessions. Session(s) are organized by an administrator and can be held on a reoccurring scheduled basis or otherwise.

What you will need:

  • 10-foot D-ring yoga belt (Must be extra-long length of 10 feet - available for purchase on Amazon. )

  • Unscented or mildly scented lotion or massage oil

  • Yoga mat

  • Golf ball or tennis ball

  • Pillow, cushion, and/or folded blanket

  • Sturdy chair

**Please let the scheduler know if you do not have any of these materials so the Facilitator can come fully equipped**


Children under age 18: $150 per session

All others: $150 per hour, using a door-to-door philosophy.

YogAutism is an approved vendor with all four IRIS fiscal agencies in Wisconsin, and are currently working on becoming a vendor with CLTSW.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations to be considered non-billable. If notice is received with less than 24 hours in advance then a cancellation fee equal to one (1) hour worth of services will be charged.

To register for a One-to-One session complete this online form and you will be contacted within 48 hours.