Upcoming Training

YogAutism is in an exciting period of transition. Trainings are on hold, please check back in the new year about availability.


YogAutism offers regular trainings in Madison, Wisconsin for individuals who would like to learn the 5-pose Recipe in order to volunteer in our public classes. The training is also open to service providers and family members who want to learn more about this unique set of techniques.

The training covers:

  • What is autism
  • How to ground yourself and a student with autism
  • YA 5-pose recipe for people on the spectrum
  • Unusual or difficult behaviors to expect and techniques for handling those behaviors

We request everyone who is able to volunteer in the YA classes. Since all of our classes have a 1-to-1 teacher to student ratio, our ability to offer classes depends on our volunteer teachers.

Upcoming Training

Once you complete the training, you will have skills to use the 5-pose Recipe. There are 3 places where you might want to use the training. The first is in a YogAutism program in Madison. Typically the programs in Madison have 5 to 9 students, and each series needs as many teachers. The training also enables you to use The Recipe on someone in your own family. The third option applies only to those working as autism professionals. Those in this group would be able to use The Recipe with clients.

Yoga teachers or studio owners without extensive experience in the autism world (beyond your own family) are not qualified, after the initial 3-hour training, to create a YogAutism program. While it is relatively easy to train autism specialists in the Recipe, it is considerably more difficult for a yoga teacher to learn how to manage an unknown audience of students on the autism spectrum.

Given that each autism diagnosis is, more or less, a one-of-a-kind situation, it is extraordinarily difficult to generalize about other potential students on the spectrum. A student’s age, medical history, multiple diagnoses, meds, history of hospitalization, capacity for violence, ability to speak, and much more are a part of the radar for the Supervisor. And there are both professional and legal implications about starting a program without some extensive exposure and experience with the spectrum and its quirks.

Running a program without a Supervisor also is not advisable. Each session needs someone present to answer teacher questions, to interact with parents and care givers, to defuse any escalating situations between students, or other unforeseen situations which can and do arise.
For those aspiring to be YogAutism teachers beyond Madison, there is the opportunity of being trained at your own site by bringing in the Madison Supervisor to train where you live.